• The Swing Door is Back

    Swing Door Install TitleI have been very busy with all sorts of projects and the house is coming along at a nice steady pace, but I almost forgot to share the swing door installation.

    There are a lot of solid oak, 5 panel doors in our dark and scary basement. I understand the desire to open up a house by removing doors, but it is a shame that they are sitting there getting dusty.

    When we bought the house, the door to the kitchen was missing, so when you enter the house by the front door, you can see the back staircase. It didn’t look right.  The door needed to go back on.  We found a cool double swing door in the basement with the original hardware.

    Floors After 4

    The first thing that I needed to do was remove the many coats of paint on the solid brass hinges.

    I accomplished this by throwing them into the slow cooker with some water. It worked wonders!


    After a few youtube videos on how to use a double hinge, we had it up in no time. The back stairs (and a seemingly constant pile of laundry at the basement door) are now hidden.

    Swing Door 1


    Swing Door Push Plate

    Having the door also helps with keeping heat in our living rooms.

    Swing Door 2

    The next doors that I will reinstall are the double pocket doors for the living room. I’m not sure how big of a project that is going to be, so I am hesitant to get at it. I will probably just wake up one morning and decide that that is the day to see what pocket door installation is really like. That day is not today.

    Today is the day for painting the living room.

    I also have the new tv room reveal coming up as well as my before and after DIY reupholstery project. I just need to take the pictures.  Stay tuned!


    Have a great day….


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  1. Colleen says:

    Heather, you are a genius, that swing door positively belongs there! *crock pot to remove paint*?? as I said, genius!

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