• The Powder Bath Ongoing Reno


    Our house has a unique powder bathroom that is set under the main staircase. You have to go down two steps once you shut the door. It is tiny at 3 x 8 feet but it’s functional.  Unfortunately, it received a classic 80s makeover and has been living it ever since.

    Hall bathroom

    Yes, that is green tile with a purple sponge wall treatment.

    powder bath before 2

    This project was planned to be a mini reno. I did not want to pull down the tile because the plaster would inevitably come down too.  I wanted to complete this job quickly and give this bathroom back some classic charm. Why not paint the tile, I asked myself?

    powder bath before 3

    All the instructions I read about this procedure online insisted that the tile be sanded in order for the primer to stick. Great I thought. I will pull out the orbital sander and rough these up.  Unfortunately, the shine to these tiles was impossible to remove.  Not a bit of it came off. So I put a few coats of primer on and I am hoping for the best. I’m not sure how well the paint will hold up….

    powder bath during 3


    This picture shows another complication to keeping the tile…the poor patch job behind the sink.  I assume that the original sink must have been a wall mount as was common in the early 1900’s. If the tile was to stay, I would need a sink to cover the mess.

    As luck would have it, I found one on Craigslist that fit the small space, had a bit of elegance AND was a steal. Just needed a little paint and some hardware…

    It has received a few coats of black paint and is ready for installation (minus the hardware). The walls are painted grey and the tile are now white…. powder bath middle 1 The peel and stick tile are gone and have been replaced with a vintage inspired ceramic tile that could have originally been here.

    Today, tiling work finishes, grouting begins and hopefully the toilet and sink can go in. This bathroom will be functional again in no time.

    Except for a “little” mess I made removing an old over the toilet cabinet…

    Powder bath before

    Yup. It now looks more like this:

    20150116_092025So, I will deal with that once floor is done….One step at a time right?

    Have a great weekend!


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  1. Patty/NS says:

    I love all the nooks and crannies of an old house, your little powder room under the stairs is sweet. Yeah, complications, love how you worded that! Around here they are known as PITA situations. Can’t wait to see it all pretty.

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