• The Beginning of a Bathroom Reno


    I was supposed to just demo the bathtub area and renovate JUST the ┬ábathtub for now……

    Bathroom Reno Before

    But I really couldn’t help myself. I had to keep going. Next came the closet…

    Bathroom Reno Before 2

    Then it was the wall tile and the floor.

    Bathroom Reno Before 3

    And that is where I am now. The bathroom sink and toilet are still in place so that we can use the room for as long as possible. It is the only bathroom on the second floor and it will suck when it is out of commission.

    So, now that most of the demolition is done, it is time to start putting this place back together.

    I had to take out the corner closet to make room for the washer/dryer to be moved there. It will be wonderful not to go to the scary, dark basement anymore (except when refinishing furniture of course).

    I took a trip to New England Demolition and Salvage in New Bedford on the weekend in order to find an antique door for my new W/D closet.

    This place is fun if you’re into old stuff!


    I have had a trip to NEDS on my to do list for months but never had the need to go. Then I found out they were going out of business this week and that all items were 50% off. It was now or never.

    This is my new closet door. It is so very heavy. Now I have to learn how to frame a door. Hooray.

    Bathroom Closet Door Before

    This door is beautiful. It’s upside down in this photo, but can you picture this freshly painted and with an antique mirror in the top panel? ┬áThat is the plan and I hope it will be a showstopper. Eventually!

    This weekend I hope to have cement board up on the tub walls. The tub faucets arrive tomorrow and we can get the plumbing done then. Then it’s tiling the tub area next week and it will almost be shower and bath ready soon!

    As for the blue tub, it is a lovely old iron thing that I plan to have reglazed. That is one of the final steps that gets done though, so it stays blue for now.

    To make room for my new closet, today I switched the bathroom door so that it opens out into the hallway instead of into the bathroom. After a lot of thinking, the solution came to me last night. Eureka! I successfully completed that project today and it is fantastic. I even got to take apart the door hardware to turn the parts around to work for the new direction. So interesting!

    Bathroom Door Hardware

    That’s it for today, just in time to figure out what to make for dinner!


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  1. That;s some crazy demolition! I’m impressed, as always. Can’t wait to see the bathroom as it unfolds

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