• The Bathroom Renovation So Far


    Trying to renovate a bathroom with a five year old home most of the time is tricky. Balancing keeping her entertained while knocking down walls is often unsuccessful. Yes, you can “have a picnic” on the bathroom floor while mommy is tiling once or twice but that is it. So, this renovation felt like a painstakingly slow go.

    This is a blurry photo of the bathroom when we bought the house.

    Old Bathroom

    We didn’t use the shower/tub at all. It just felt dirty.  And is that a bottle of Pert?

    I started this project March 23 and turned a small tiling job into a full bathroom renovation. Once I start knocking down walls, I can’t seem to stop.

    Bathroom Reno Before

    March 23

    Here are some pictures I took during the work….




    Putting Up Cement Board

    Putting Up Cement Board


    Tiling the Tub

    Tiling the Tub


    Putting Up Shiplap

    Putting Up Shiplap


    And here is where we are now, nearly 2 months later:

    Bathroom Reno Sink View 1

    I’m happy with the progress so far. Every fixture is functional and in full use.

    Bathroom After Straight On Pic

    I’m really proud of what I accomplished here. I did a lot of plumbing that I have never done before and it was exciting to learn how.

    Bathroom Reno Bathtub View

    Yes, the tub is still blue. There is a several month wait to have it refinished so it will be blue for a while. I haven’t even booked an appointment yet because I was so disappointed it would take so long. Even though the tub matches the curtains, I am not keeping it. Eventually, it will be white.

    Bathroom Reno Radiator Cover View

    The herringbone pattern on the floor was done with 3×6 marble tiles. I wanted to do something new and challenging and I definitely accomplished that. I was cursing my decision during the very time consuming process but it gave me another new skill.

    Bathroom After Straight On Pic

    I also did a lot of woodworking in this reno. In addition to the shiplap, I added a chair rail, reconfigured the in wall cabinet and built a radiator cover.

    These pictures make it seem like the bathroom is done, but I am misrepresenting myself! Here is what the room looks like from the tub:

    Bathroom Reno Current State

    You can see where the tile ends. Haha. The next portion of the reno is to build a new closet where the washer/dryer is going to go. I can’t complete the flooring until the new closet walls go up. My priority was always to get the bathroom functional for our everyday use and that is accomplished.

    I picked up this amazing (and heavy) antique door at an architectural salvage store and I love it. It will become the new closet door.

    Bathroom Closet Door Before

    It is upside down but the plan is to remove the upper panel and put an antique mirror in. It will be beautiful but for now, I have a lot to do outside.  Aside from putting up a new light fixture and mirror, the bathroom reno is on hiatus!



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  1. petra scott says:

    as always you do such great work. congraats

  2. Sharon says:

    I love it Heather! Even with the blue bathtub 😉

    Have you done all the work yourself? I really, really, really, want to redo my bathrooms (and don’t want to pay anyone to do it) but, I’m intimidated by putting up cement board and tiling because I’ve never done it before. Will you be doing any tutorials on the process?

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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